Funny and Rude Number Plates

Girls in car laughing about funny and rude number plates

Some people get private number plates to boast their name, job, or even their “wifey” status. Then there are those who want their private number plate to invoke streams of giggles from everyone who sees it.

You can choose almost anything to be your private number plate… almost anything.

A loved favourite by both buyers and fellow drivers is definitely the funny or rude number plates that roam the UK streets.

Nuanced Funny Number Plates

Like all the best jokes, funny number plates work best when they are nuanced. Using clever ways to be rude is much more humorous than being blatant. There are limits to just how rude you can be, being clever about it may be the only way to sport the number plate you want while staying within the lines of the law.

For example, you cannot explicitly use profanity, however, something like PU22 SYL is available thanks to its use of “2” as the usual “S”. So, technically speaking, it isn’t profane, this kind of nuance is enough to get your rude private number plate on your car.

The DVLA has even caught on to some of the more popular private number plates deemed too offensive for UK roads, despite using numbers to try and hide how rude they truly are.

Banned Rude Private Number Plates

Certain things aren’t funny, they are just plain old offensive. Certain profanities (or simply things that would be in bad taste) are not allowed to be brandished on your private number plate; it is a legal plate after all.

No number plates containing slurs or insensitive language are permitted. Sexual language or swear words can also not be spelt out explicitly (this is where some nuance needs to come into play).

For example, you can’t use sexual references directly but when it is skewed by some numbers or letters you can use D111 CKS as your private number plate code.

Words about the Coronavirus are also banned, anything resembling terms like “corona” or “covid” are not permitted on UK number plates.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Funny or Rude Number Plate

Before choosing your new funny or rude number plate, there are a few things you should consider and ask yourself. If you are looking to get something that perhaps boasts your promiscuity like S800 LUT or SL54 LAG, you should ask yourself if this will still serve you if you decide to settle down, or even have children. In that situation, a number plate suggesting that you frequently have multiple partners may no longer be as funny as it used to be.

Then again, there is no need to fret, if a number plate’s message no longer suits your personality or needs you can always sell your private number plate.

Perhaps you could sell the old one for something less on the nose, like SE72 EXY. Or maybe motherhood has steered you in a completely new direction, so you want to boast your new parental status with a private number plate like BO22 MUM.

Funny Private Number Plates Don’t Have to Be Rude

Any comedy buff will be the first to tell you that being rude doesn’t always equate to funny and that oftentimes the most mundane and PG number plates can be the funniest. For example, if you are a huge fan of Radiohead and drive a suspicious van, then CR22 EEP is the perfect private number plate for you.

Maybe you’re the one always sticking your mates with the bill, they could get you the number plate C19 EAP until you learn to pay the tab.

If you have a history of being rear-ended by other drivers perhaps BA55 KUP is the private number plate you should go for.

Or perhaps you own a bakery and want everyone to know how truly “baked” you are on a daily basis with a private number plate like B4 KED. Using a number plate that advertises your love for strong alcohol like VO16 DKA could also be a good way to hint to other drivers to stay further away from your vehicle.

These are also a good way to get more attention from the police who would love to pull you over and tell you how much of a fan they are of your sense of humour…


Whichever funny number plate you choose, whether it is rude or not, should reflect your personality. Search for your desired cherished or private number plate on our website to check for its availability. You can contact us should you have any questions or concerns.