• At TopReg, our mission is to make buying private and personalised registrations as easy as possible. All it takes is these 4 easy steps:

    • Step 1: Search & find your dream registration
    • Step 2 (Optional): Choose our fully managed transfer service
    • Step 3 (Optional): Let us print your physical plates
    • Step 4 (Optional): Get your new plates delivered within 24 hours

    If you would like to know more, check out our How it Works page for more information.

  • For those looking for a fast and easy way to get your hands on a new registration, then we recommend our management service options.

    For a small fee, we carry out the legal transfer and assign your new registration to your vehicle, or onto a retention certificate entirely on your behalf.

    Simply order your new registration, select the management service option you require at checkout, and we’ll take care of the paperwork for you. This will include the administering of relevant documentation with the DVLA, as well as ensuring that the entire process runs as smoothly and as quickly as possible.

    To find out more, check out our Fast Track Transfer Services page.

  • To transfer your new registration over to your vehicle, we will need you to provide your vehicle’s latest V5C document reference number (the 11-digit number on the front of your V5C), or a relevant DVLA certificate number, along with the postcode of the current registered keeper.

    These details can be entered at time of purchase when selecting our Fast Track Transfer Service option.

    We will contact you on the rare occasion that the DVLA require the physical documents to be sent.

    If you do not wish to transfer your new registration immediately, then no documents are required.

  • If you decide to use our Fast Track Transfer Service during checkout, you will receive your new registration within 7 working days, but often a lot sooner. Otherwise, the process can take up to 3 weeks if you choose to go it alone.

    If you choose to purchase a physical number plate at checkout and are able to supply the correct documentation details, you will receive it the very next day. We’ll let you know as soon as the DVLA say it’s ok to put them on your vehicle.

  • No, you do not. Although, to retain your registration without assigning to a vehicle, you will need to obtain a retention certificate. This certificate will allow you to own the registration for up to 10 years and can be extended thereafter if required.

    If you need a hand holding onto your registration, then TopReg has you covered. Our Retention Certificate Service is the perfect choice for anyone looking to avoid all the headache-inducing paperwork. All available for a small one-time fee.

    To find our more, check out our Fast Track Transfer Services page.

  • There are certain vehicles you cannot transfer your registration onto. These include vehicles that are not required to undergo an annual test for roadworthiness, such as agricultural vehicles, steamrollers, and milk floats.

    It is also not possible to transfer registrations over to vehicles with Q plates.

  • Yes. You can in fact purchase a registration under the name of someone else (known as the ‘Nominee’). This is the perfect option if you wish to purchase a registration as a gift.

  • You may not transfer a registration mark associated with a younger year than that of the recipient vehicle. In a nutshell, you cannot make a vehicle “appear newer” by assigning a newer registration mark.

    However, a dateless registration can be assigned to a vehicle of any age.

    Read more information about Registration Types.

  • Once you purchase and assign your new registration to your vehicle, your previous one automatically reverts back to DVLA stock.

    If you wish to hold on to your old registration, you will need to file a retention certificate request with the DVLA. For a small fee, TopReg can handle this process for you. Find out how on our Fast Track Transfer Services page.

  • Yes, registrations are an excellent opportunity to invest. One of the most coveted registrations – ‘F1’ – was bought for a bargain price of £375,000 in 2008. In 2016, the owner reportedly received an incredible offer of £6million. Luckily, they decided to hold onto it, as the plate is now listed online for a jaw-dropping fee of £12million!

  • We definitely can. TopReg have a wealth of experience buying and selling private registrations and we can help you achieve the best price for yours.

    Simply request a FREE number plate valuation and we will guide you through the process.

  • There are three outcomes for your registration if you decide to sell your vehicle. These are:

    1. Your registration will be sold along with your vehicle.
    2. Your registration can be transferred over to a different vehicle.
    3. Your registration can be transferred onto a retention certificate for up to 10 years.

    Both options 2 and 3 require an £80 DVLA administration fee.

  • Yes, if selected during the checkout process, we can print and supply your physical number plates within one business day.

    You can choose from various formats such as Acrylic, True 3D (4D) plates.

    For more information, please visit our Number Plate Printing page.

  • Physical registration plates will be dispatched Royal Mail 1st Class Tracked and are usually received by our customers on the next business day.

Number Plate Printing

When ordering your new registration through TopReg, why not compliment your purchase with a set of high-quality plates from us. Delivered in the post to you within one business day!

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Finance Available on orders from £50-£5000

Spread the cost with our trouble-free and secure Klarna finance option. Simply select ‘Finance’ at the checkout and you’ll be greeted with great value payment plans that will make your dream number plate a reality.

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