How Does Buying as a Gift Work?

Buying personalised number plates from TopReg is a walk in the park. You start by picking out the perfect registration plate online. Once purchased, we’ll send you an official certificate, which you can pass on to the lucky recipient. They can then assign it to their vehicle whenever they’re ready. It’s simple, quick, and hassle-free.

Don’t fancy handling all the legal transfer stuff? We’ve got you covered with our Fast Track Transfer Service. This service allows us to manage the entire legal transfer on behalf of the recipient, making the process stress-free and easy.

Can I Buy Now and Gift Later?

Absolutely! You can purchase any private number plate in advance. This flexibility gives you time to pick the perfect plate without a rush. Once you have your personalised number plate gift, the recipient can assign it at a time that suits them.

Remember, our number plate registrations are valid for a 10-year period from the date of purchase. Plus, once the registration has been assigned to a vehicle, there’s no expiry or time limit on ownership.

What About Transfer Fees?

Here at TopReg, we strive for transparency and convenience. That’s why the DVLA transfer fee is included in all our sales. This means no extra government fees when assigning the registration mark to a vehicle. That’s right - you can focus on the excitement of giving your personalised number plate gift without worrying about hidden costs.

Can TopReg Help with the Transfer?

We’re more than happy to manage the legal transfer of your new gifted registration number. You don’t need the V5C vehicle information immediately – that can be provided to us later. We’ll guide you through every step, ensuring a smooth process from purchase to transfer.

What if the Recipient Doesn’t Have a Vehicle Yet?

No problem at all! With TopReg, you can buy now, and the recipient can assign it to their future vehicle whenever they’re ready. It’s the gift that’s ready when they are.

Can I Choose the Day of Transfer?

Of course. When placing the order, you can select a preferred transfer date, and we’ll do our best to accommodate it.

Receiving a Personalised Number Plate as a Gift

Once you’ve got your hands on your personalised plate, you can complete the transfer process online, by post, or even through our managed transfer service. Whichever way suits you best, we’re here to make sure the process goes off without a hitch.

Choosing the Perfect Plate

We offer a wide range of unique plates. Simply use our search engine to find the perfect combination of letters and numbers that will make your gift truly special.

A Smooth Process from Start to Finish

When you buy a number plate from us, there are no hidden costs of fees. The price you see includes all necessary DVLA transfer fees, so you can confidently select your personalised number plate gift without worrying about surprise charges down the line.

A Unique Gift for a Special Someone

Surprising someone with a personalised number plate gift is an unforgettable gesture. It’s a timeless keepsake that they can enjoy for years to come. When ordering, you can add the recipient as the ’Nominee’, and their name will be printed on the certificate, making it even more special.

What’s Next After Purchasing?

When the recipient is ready to show off their new number plate, they have three options to complete the process:

  • Complete the paperwork online
  • Submit paperwork by post
  • Utilise our managed transfer service

Depending on the chosen method, assigning the new registration number can be as quick as a few minutes online. If a postal transfer is requested, it might take a few weeks. But as soon as the transfer is complete, the recipient can legally fit the new plates on their vehicle and start enjoying their personalised gift!

Enjoy the New Registration Number

With the new registration number assigned to the vehicle, all that’s left is to inform the insurance company about the change. A new V5C will be sent to the registered keeper, and they’re ready to hit the road with their new personalised number plate!

Celebrate with TopReg

As far as unique gifts go, it doesn’t get more endearing than a personalised number. So why wait? Let’s help you find the perfect personalised number plate. And remember: you’re not just gifting a personalised item; you’re creating a story, a memory that will be remembered each time the lucky recipient hits the road.