What are Short Number Plates?

Short number plates are also known as “cherished plates” or “private plates”, only shorter. The name “short number plates” stems from the fact that these plates use a shorter combination of letters and numbers than the standard number plate format. Short number plates are one of the most popular choices for personalised plates that make a car owner’s vehicle stand out from the crowd.

Short private plates mean you can forgo the standard assortment of numbers and letters for something more suited to your personality or even the appearance of your car.

The Perks of Owning a Short Number Plate

Owning a short number plate in the UK goes far beyond just being a great way to personalise your vehicle, it’s a symbol of prestige.

The reason is twofold, they are unique and exclusive while also being worth a lot of money. So much so that buying a short number plate can be seen as a long-term investment as they have the potential to increase the resale value of your vehicle, making it an even more valuable asset. It can even be sold to be transferred to another vehicle if you would prefer.

Short number plates are often synonymous with expensive number plates as you can see in the examples used for our article The World’s 10 Most Expensive Number Plates.

Are Short Number Plates Legal?

In short, yes. Any short number plate that conforms to the UK government regulation as stipulated by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). Private dealers like TopReg who sell short number plates are also required to adhere to the regulations set by the DVLA. As long as you use a reputable dealer, your short number plate will be considered legal.