Private Number Plates for Motorbikes

Of course, motorcyclists also enjoy this same level of personalisation. Which is surprising as many do not know there is nothing stopping you from getting your own personalised motorcycle plate.

Whether it’s purely from a style point of view or wanting to stand out from the rest, we’re here to help you put your (registration) mark on your wheels.

No matter what two wheels (or three in some cases) you ride on, we offer number plates for standard, cruiser, touring, sports, off-road, and dual-purpose motorbikes. We even offer number plates for mopeds and tricycles.

What you decide to put on your personalised plate is entirely down to you and your imagination. It could be a nickname, your favourite hobby, or even your motorcycle’s model. We’ve even had people pick plates purely as a conversation starter.

What are the rules for UK motorcycle number plates?

Like other vehicle plates, motorcycle number plates also have a set of DVLA regulations they must adhere to. Here are the most significant ones:

  • If registered after 01/09/2001, your registration must be displayed over two lines and have only one number plate located at the rear.
  • All motorcycle registration characters must be 64mm in height with a width of 44mm.
  • Motorcycle plates must have black text on a yellow background, if the motorcyle was first registered after 01/01/1980.
  • You can have “3D style” raised lettering on your motorcycle plate.

For more information, check out our UK Motorcycle Number Plate Guide and rest assured that TopReg’s motorbike number plates obey all the rules and restrictions laid out by the DVLA.

What styles can I use for my personalised motorbike number plate?

The styles that may be used are:

Current Style
2 letters + 2 numbers + 3 letters


Prefix Style
1 letter + 1 to 3 numbers + 3 letters

A916 DUC

Suffix Style
3 letters + 1 to 3 numbers + 1 letter

KTM 450F

Dateless Style
Combinations of 1, 2, or 3 letters/numbers

900 R

As you may already know, motorbike number plates are different to what you see on cars. They are almost square-like, and their characters are displayed across two lines. Keep this in mind, as it may affect the intended meaning you have with your personalised plate.

Get private motorbike number plates from TopReg

At TopReg, we have millions of UK motorcycle number plates to choose from. We also supply you with the DVLA certificate of entitlement.

If you want to hold on to your current plate, we can take care of it with our retention services. We’ll take care of the paperwork and will deliver you a retention certificate that will allow you to retain your number plate for a maximum of 10 years.

If you’d like to transfer your current plate instead, then our Fast Track Transfer service is what you’re after. We take over the dull and time-consuming process of transferring your registration number without you lifting a finger. And yes, this also includes transferring a plate from a car to a motorbike.

So put your stamp on your motorbike today with TopReg! We have many different styles and formats available, and our fantastic team is always on hand to answer any questions you might have.

FAQs on Personalised Number Plates for Motorbikes

Please see our answers to frequently asked questions below.

  • Yes, there may be certain restrictions on personalised number plates for motorbikes, similar to those for cars. These restrictions can include size, font, and spacing regulations set by the licensing authority. Additionally, offensive or inappropriate combinations may be prohibited. Check the eligibility and restrictions associated with the number plate before purchasing.

  • Yes, you can sell or transfer your custom motorcycle number plate if you no longer require it or wish to transfer it to another individual. The transfer process typically involves notifying the licensing authority, completing the necessary paperwork, and paying any associated fees.

You’ll find answers to other questions on our main FAQs page.

If you need help to find your dream plate, our friendly sales agents are on hand to assist. Call us Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm on 03303 904222.

Number Plate Printing

When ordering your new registration through TopReg, why not compliment your purchase with a set of high-quality plates from us. Delivered in the post to you within one business day!

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Finance Available on orders from £50-£5000

Spread the cost with our trouble-free and secure Klarna finance option. Simply select ‘Finance’ at the checkout and you’ll be greeted with great value payment plans that will make your dream number plate a reality.

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