Choose your style of number plates

When it comes to printing your new registration onto physical number plates, there are 2 main types to choose from, each with multiple styling options. Each type is unique, offers its own benefits, and is 100% compliant with the government’s current rules and regulations.

Standard acrylic plates

Standard Reflective Acrylic

Found on most UK cars, these iconic and timeless plates are made from a durable type of plastic known as acrylic. They’re simple, straightforward, and provide an understated look.

Standard acrylic plates

4D (True 3D)

Want to order plates with a bit more personality? Then True 3D is what you need. Their unique raised box lettering gives them a distinctive 3D quality that truly makes these plates stand out from the crowd.

How it Works

At TopReg, we like to keep things simple and efficient for our customers. The same can be said when ordering our physical number plates, all it takes is these three easy steps.

  • Choose your registration
    1: Choose Your Registration Go ahead and use our state-of-the-art search to find your new dream registration in our comprehensive and easy to use database.
  • Select your plate type
    2: Select the Plate Type Once you’ve found your registration, you can then opt for our high-quality plate printing service by selecting the type of physical plates you desire during checkout.
  • Super-fast delivery!
    3: Super-Fast Delivery Now that you’ve picked your registration and have ordered your plates, all you need to do is sit back and wait for your new plates to arrive in the mail.

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