Types of Number Plates – Cherished, Suffix, Prefix, and Current Style Plates

Navigating the world of personalised number plates can be thrilling yet confusing with different types of plates each carrying its unique charm and history. In the UK, the four primary categories are cherished, suffix, prefix, and current style plates. This guide offers an overview of each type, providing you a deeper understanding and helping you decide which category fits your taste and vehicle the best.

Cherished Number Plates

Cherished number plates, often considered as the ‘antiques’ of the registration mark world, are dateless plates issued before 1963. These plates do not carry an easily recognisable year identifier, making them highly distinctive and sought after by classic car owners. They not only represent a piece of motoring history but can also prove to be a rewarding investment. Discover more about Cherished Number Plates.

Cherished plates

Suffix Style Number Plates

Introduced in 1963 and used until 1983, suffix number plates feature a unique format where a year-identifying letter is attached at the end of the registration mark. These plates allow you to own a piece of history and can potentially appreciate in value. The rarity and nostalgia of these plates make them a treasure among motor enthusiasts. Learn more about Suffix Style Plates.

Suffix plates

Prefix Style Number Plates

The prefix style of number plates emerged in 1983, taking over from the suffix style, and were in use until 2001. The prefix – a letter representing the year of the registration – is followed by numbers and letters, making these plates a favourite among vintage car collectors. The prefix plates not only mark a vehicle’s age but also resonate a sense of nostalgia and rarity. Explore more on Prefix Style Plates.

Prefix plates

Current Style Number Plates

Launched in September 2001, the current style plates are the latest in UK registration mark systems. Released twice a year – in spring (March) and autumn (September) – these plates reflect the actual year or an encoded year. Offering a vast selection of combinations, these plates are ideal for personalisation and are accessible to everyone. Find out more about Current Style Plates.

Current plates

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