Football Number Plate Ideas


Football fans in the UK are known for their passion for the beautiful game. This passion extends beyond attending matches or wearing their favourite team’s jerseys. One such expression of their love for football is personalised number plates.

Personalised Number Plates: The Ultimate Display of Football Fandom

Private plates have long been a symbol of personal style and success. Nowadays, they’re becoming a tribute to our favourite football players. Sporting the iconic ‘7’ of Cristiano Ronaldo or the famed ‘10’ of Lionel Messi on your vehicle, you’ll be turning heads wherever you go, flaunting your allegiance in a unique and vibrant way.

But a football plate isn’t just about showcasing your support for a favourite player or team. It’s also an excellent conversation starter and a way to bond with other football fans. Just picture yourself arriving at a stadium on game day, with your car immediately catching the attention of fellow supporters, all thanks to your football-themed number plate.

Football Badge Number Plates: Expressing Your Loyalty

Another trending item among football enthusiasts are football badge number plates. These number plates go beyond a simple number and offer a different level of excitement and personal expression, sporting the emblem of your beloved team alongside your personalised number.

Taking Fandom to Another Level

Car number plates with football badges are the best way to take your fandom to another level. Celebrating not just individual players, but the team as a whole, this type of number plate becomes a mobile beacon of your loyalty and passion, turning every street you traverse into your personal football parade.

Premier Number Plates as the Perfect Gift

These plates also make for unique and thoughtful gifts. For instance, an LFC number plate is an ideal present for a die-hard Liverpool FC fan, creatively displaying their passion every time they take their car out for a spin.

Top 5 Most Expensive Football Licence Plates

Football fans are willing to spend a significant amount on luxurious personalised football licence plates to express their love for the game. Here’s our rundown of the top 5 most expensive football number plates sold in the UK:


Price Sold: £24,000
This registration plate might seem a little obscure to the uninitiated, but any West Bromwich fan would immediately recognise a fellow Albion supporter with this licence plate.


Price Sold: £45,440
This Aston Villa number plate is more recognisable, even to those who don’t follow the sport closely. The price tag for this number plate is a significant jump from the ALB 1ON plate.


Price Sold: £46,736
Even though Hull City isn’t in the Premier League, the love of a fan knows no bounds. This is proven by the Hull City fan who splashed out £46,736 on this personalised licence plate.


Price Sold: £58,320
West Ham, a big name in the game for decades, has a plate that holds the second spot on the list of most expensive football plates and the number 1 spot for the most expensive team-specific licence plate.

60 ALS

Price Sold: £150,000
Topping our list is this plate, although it hasn’t been sold yet. For a whopping £150,000, you can get this football licence plate that doesn’t tie you to a specific team.

The Buying Process for Football-Themed Plates

Buying a football-themed plate involves a simple process, but it’s essential to make sure you’re dealing with a reputable dealer to avoid potential fraud or legal issues. At TopReg, getting a private plate is simple and straightforward. We are a DVLA registered number plate supplier that delivers in just 24 hours. Get in touch to learn more.

Legal Considerations

In the UK, it’s essential to follow the DVLA’s rules when choosing a private number plate. For instance, you cannot make your vehicle appear newer than it is by using a number plate that suggests it was registered later. In addition, the format of the number plate must meet certain standards. When in doubt, consult with a reputable dealer or directly with the DVLA to ensure your plate meets all requirements.

The Investment Potential of Football-Themed Plates

Personalised plates can also be seen as an investment. Many plates have appreciated in value over time, especially those linked to popular football teams or players. If you choose a timeless team or player, it’s possible that your plate could increase in value in the future.

Get Your Football Number Plate

Football-themed number plates are a distinct, personal, and fun way to showcase your love for the beautiful game. Whether you prefer footballers number plates or car number plates with football badges, these plates are a unique way to bring your passion for football beyond the stadium and onto the roads. So, why not let your number plate do the talking and let the world know which football star or team has your allegiance?

It doesn’t matter if you choose to celebrate your favourite player, support your favourite team, or simply show your love for the game with a personalised number plate. What’s important is the joy and pride it brings you every time you see it. After all, that’s what being a football fan is all about.

So, get in the game and start exploring the options for your very own football-themed number plate today!

Remember, the best number plates are personal, meaningful, and a reflection of who you are as a fan. So, whether you’re a die-hard Manchester United supporter, a Liverpool fan, or a Chelsea devotee, there’s a number plate out there just waiting for you to claim it!